Flamenco Roses: Adding Beauty To Your Win

Enjoy the beauty of Flamenco is now associated with you winning some big amount, with the help of Flamenco Roses. With a rose in between your lips and a dance partner by your side, you are already a part of this gaming lot. The profit pleasure starts right now! You just need to flaunt your passion and start using the right spin on the dance floor. That helps in eliciting proper symbol combinations from reels.

With the castanet sounds playing in the background, you are likely to step into the direction of the said bonus rounds. Here, you are likely to expect a great deal of winning with a sea of roses, waiting to invite you in the kingdom.

More about the game:

If this is your first time playing this game, then you might want to learn a bit about this game’s overview first. There are five identical symbols, which are to be placed next to one another and on a winning line for that big win. There are up to 10 numbers of winning lines and with five rollers. The line starts from left and ends up at right. The special symbols are Scatter, which is a yellow rose, and Wild, which is also known as Flamencotänzer.

Features along with the jackpots:

It is time for you to learn more about the bonus game before you get to work on Flamenco Roses. You need to have a minimum of 3 yellow roses, which are Scatter, on each roller position. It helps in releasing 11 examples with the current settings of the basic game. During such instances, if the Flamencotzer appears, then he is fixed in the position until the bonus round ends. That helps in completing the winning pattern, for that best win. With the help of 3 or even more yellow roses, you get the chance to win bonus rounds when you are playing the free rounds.

More about the service:

After you have entered this gaming round, you have to select the amount, which you want to bet in the current game. Then with the help of + or – symbols, you get the chance to select your application. For starting the individual rounds, you have to click on the “start” button. Or you can click on the auto start button for the machine to do the honor on your behalf.

It helps in starting the round automatically. After that, you can click on the “stop” button for terminating the auto start option. You can even click on the “win” button for procuring an overview of the profit. Depending on the betting amount, you can always calculate profit opportunities automatically.

Be sure before clicking gamble button:

If you are planning to double your winning streak in Flamenco Roses, then click on the gamble option. However, before doing that, be extremely sure, if this is what you want. If you have a hefty amount in your player account, then you might not want to go for the “gamble” option. You can either double your win or lose everything you have. This is of quite some risk, but the slot machine is all about risk!

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